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A match made in HEL is a match made in heaven

Finding the right partners is often the key when deciding on the location. We know this – and most if not all the relevant players here in the region. And we are happy to make the introductions.

  • R&D&I partner search – we will help you find Finnish partners that can make a difference in your innovation initiatives
  • M&A target scan – we will help you identify and evaluate strategic M&A targets for your company
  • Strategic sales partner / pilot cases scan – we will help you identify and evaluate strategic partners for your company in the Finnish business ecosystem
  • Startup partners – we will help you meet with domain experts, VCs, accelerators, incubators, and industry associations

Here’s how it works

  1. Let us know about your plans and needs. The more specific you are, the better we can serve you
  2. We’ll ask for more information if needed
  3. We’ll send you a list of potential partners with a bit of information why we think it’s a match.
  4. You give us feedback and tell us which ones, if not all, you want to have talks with.
  5. We’ll make the intros and help arrange meetings between you and them, preferably here in Helsinki or online in the earlier phase.

Who is this for

We’ll help any foreign owned company considering establishing operations in the Helsinki region. Our focus domains are ICT, Smart & Clean technologies and Health tech & Life sciences and we mostly work with companies that are planning to R&D, regional headquarters or high-value manufacturing. So those are areas where we are at our best.

Time frame

Depending on how specific your line of business is, it can take us from a few days to a week or two to put together a list that matches your needs.

Our experts on matchmaking

Ms. Laine Valkama
Senior development advisor +358 40 775 4680
Mr. Marcello van Rossum
Senior business advisor +358 40 729 5583
BeneluxHealthNorth America
Ms. Maria Hartikainen
Senior business advisor +358 40 483 9904
ICTRussiaSmart maritime
Mr. Marko Tamminen
Senior business advisor +358 40 484 7046
Digital infrastructureICTSmart mobility
Mr. Olivier Bonfils
Senior business advisor +358 50 367 3406
EnergySmart & cleanSmart buildingsSmart mobility
Mr. Sandeep Shah
Senior business advisor +358 50 366 2152
Digital infrastructureICTIndiaSmart maritime
Ms. Sonja Malin
Senior business advisor +358 400 175 636
Circular economyEnergyJapanSmart & cleanSmart buildingsSmart mobility
Mr. Xin Wang 王昕
Senior business advisor +358 40 139 2503
ChinaICTInvestor services