Ms. Sonja Malin

Senior business advisor

Give me a call and I’ll introduce you to the relevant smart city stakeholders in Greater Helsinki.

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Helsinki born and raised, with a somewhat German heart due to my background in German-Finnish Business. Passion for all smart city related innovations – as a carless city dweller I have a real interest for smart mobility solutions that really make a difference.

I personally believe Helsinki region offers superb conditions for innovative companies from abroad: starting with the various testbeds to pilot your solution in an urban environment, continuing with the opportunities to collaborate with world-class universities and research institutes, not forgetting the open data that’s available, the high-speed connections through the 5G test networks and of course the smart grids. And you also might have noticed that Finland is the happiest nation in the world (UN report 2018). Already booked your flight?

Service also available auf Deutsch.

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