Mr. Marko Tamminen

Senior business advisor

Let’s connect the right people, ideas and funding to grow & create ICT business in Helsinki

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I am a Senior Business Advisor at Helsinki Business Hub, providing international investors and companies access to Finnish companies in the ICT sector, such as 5G, data centers, software, IoT, cloud, AI/VR, connected vehicles, fintech, etc.

At Helsinki Business Hub my job is to create new jobs, investments, deals and pilot projects in the Helsinki region, working closely with the local companies, investors, cities, academia and other public organizations.

I have 15+ years of experience in consulting, corporate strategy, sales and business development in the ICT industry and I’ve set up new businesses in various corporates as well as acted as a trusted advisor for investors.

If you are a Finnish startup or established company looking for customers, partners or international investor, let me help you out!

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