Ms. Marja-Liisa Niinikoski


 Finland should focus on taking care of the existing foreign owned companies in Finland. Best way to get more sales is to take care of the existing customers.

I am the Chief Executive Officer of Helsinki Business Hub heading a team of investment promotion and regional development experts. Prior to joining the company, I worked as the CEO of Net Effect Ltd. and Culminatum Innovation Oy Ltd, and did post-doctoral research in the field of innovation studies at the Aalto University, School of Business.

Together with our great team, I strive to create new business and jobs in the region aiming to further strengthen also the cooperation between the local companies, cities, universities and research institutions.

Since 2007 Helsinki Business Hub has determinately worked towards increasing the number of foreign companies and investments in the Helsinki region. In 2015 HBH’s mandate was enlarged to cover the task to help innovation-driven companies to grow. That task we have implemented by creating piloting opportunities and piloting platforms in the region, and furthermore, we have encouraged deals between foreign and Finnish companies.

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