plant_icon Innovation platform creation

Helsinki is the home for agile piloting platforms

Here in Helsinki, the public sector is committed in serving as a piloting platform for new solutions. We have experience in creating innovation platforms and can help your organization to set up one and to get the right partners on board. There is always something going on and many opportunities for novel approaches to participate in to joint innovation activities with public sector, academia and local business in open innovation platforms.


Here’s how it works

  1. Let us know what’s on your mind – do you have a problem that you’d need to fix or do you need to find a right environment and users to take your product / service development to the next level?
  2. We’ll help you put together the practicalities – agreements and processes you need in order to get the platform operating
  3. We’d be happy to promote the platform – we can promote it in our networks and do both desk research and sales work to find companies for your platform, in Finland and internationally 


Who is this for

We offer this service to both local and foreign companies as well as the public sector players here in Helsinki.


Time frame

If you need public sector partners, the processes tend to take from a few weeks to a couple of months. With private sector partners, things tend to move a dash quicker.