icon_key Access to deal flow

Investors, let us make it easy for you

We offer international investors easy and efficient access to deal flow from Helsinki and Finland. We offer

Profiling & Matchmaking

  • Curated leads based on investor profiles
  • Intros to relevant growth companies


  • Direct promotion and contacts to key players
  • Speaker slots at main events
  • Articles in relevant media
  • Other media visibility

Vital information

  • Alerts on local deals
  • Inside info on events
  • Help in navigating / understanding the Finnish ecosystem
  • Contacts to limited partners (LPs)


We are guided by two principles: 1) good investing is people business, and 2), money is made through knowing the right people


Here’s how it works

  1. Let us know about your interests and criteria
  2. We’ll get back with a few follow up questions if needed and then, based on your interests and preferences, start sharing our information with you
  3. Ideally, you’d come for a visit, which we’d be happy to host and help prepare the agenda for
  4. You’ll invest to a Finnish company


Who is this for

HBH Investor services are for you if you are active in Europe, have the ability to invest into Finland & invest in growth stages*.

* That’s rounds from €1M to €30M


Time frame

This is up to you: we send curated lead to some of our customers every week, and with some we speak twice a year.