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The Health field makes our world go round.  Whether it’s our own health, the food we eat or our pets, Health and Life Sciences have a huge impact on our lives. Helsinki is operating as one of the world’s best testbeds for clinical testing and proof of concepts. It hosts 500 HEALTH & LIFE SCIENCES COMPANIES, revenues of €8,5 BILLION, TWO WORLD-CLASS UNIVERSITIES and a TALENT POOL OF 29,000 professionals.

Within the sphere of health, we at Helsinki Business Hub are especially focused on personalized health (including biobanks) and medtech devices. However, be your interest wherever in the health & life sciences ecosystem, our team of health business experts are dedicated to help you find your mix in Helsinki. From top R&D possibilities, product development opportunities, unique piloting platforms, global expansion, university & research collaboration, funding, talent and partners – we’ll help you tap into the Helsinki region health ecosystem.

Pssst! Remember to also take a look at Health Capital Helsinki to find out how the region’s key players are making Helsinki the leading European hub for life sciences and health tech.

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