Finland is known as a world leader in ICT innovation, information society development and high quality ICT products. It is one of the most advanced information societies in the world. As a percentage of GDP, Finnish R&D investments are the third largest in the world. Also the number of patents per capita, especially in the ICT field, is among the highest of the world, Well‐known technologies and services originating from Finland include Linux, the SMS, ring tones and Internet banking services. Finland is also renowned as a pioneer in mobile telecommunications services and applications.

Cutting edge Finnish mobile companies at the Mobile World Congress

The most interesting Finnish mobile industry startups and growth companies will take part in the …

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IBM is opening new doors for startups

Many startup companies hope for an experienced partner who understands their needs and can support …

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’Wikipedia’ for programming skills uses Finland as a gateway to Europe

Online programming lessons aren’t a novelty, but the Russian-Kazakhstan born Hexlet has brought a unique …

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The information security superpower in the North

Finns may not have the reputation for being the most hilarious and cheerful people on …

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Urban mobility radically rethought in Helsinki

Helsinki may well be the most intriguing city of the world when it comes to …

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Kiosked nabs investment from Dutch brewery family

Kiosked, a Finnish advertising technology developer, has raised EUR 3.7 million in funding. The key …

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KPMG acquires Finnish cybersecurity company Trusteq

Auditing giant KPMG will acquire 100% of the shares of the Finnish cyber security consulting …

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XXL brings online store operations in Finland

XXL, the Norwegian sports equipment retailer, intends to concentrate the main operations of its online …

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Radio advertiser Exaget set for expansion

Finnish Exaget, a radio advertising technology company, has received a 700,000 euro equity investment from Finnish, Asian …

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Bluegiga expands to new markets through US ownership

The US company Silicon Labs has acquired Bluegiga Technologies, a Finnish specialist in the industrial …

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World’s first yoga simulation game launches a great new feature

Yoga Retreat, the world’s first yoga-themed mobile simulation game, launches an in-game breathing feature Heart …

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Helsinki intends to become a hot spot of smart marine technology

Helsinki is sometimes called the daughter of the Baltic Sea. Although the city practically grows …

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The fact that Finland has produced so many significant companies in the mobile and mobile content space — not just Nokia and Rovio — is a testament to this being a good place to bank such an effort.

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