Neurogaming conference and expo in May

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“Neurogaming is set to disrupt the gaming industry and transform the gaming experience over the next five years. It will ride a wave of inexpensive sensors, ridiculous processing power, fast bandwidth and amazing design talent. Prepare for whole new landscapes of fun and fear” writes Zack Lynch in VentureBeat.

Sounds amazing and interesting, don’t you think? Then make sure you are in San Fransisco in May when the first ever Neurogaming event takes place.

Neurogaming 2013 Conference and Expo (May 1-2, San Fransisco, YetiZen Game Innovation Lab)  will bring together all the players from across the emerging neurogaming industry and beyond to share insights and visions. It is a possibility to meet with the key people who are coming together for this first ever event including rock star CEOs, VPs of corporate development, venture partners, angel investors, VP Monetization, game designers, game producers, and more.

It’s an opportunity to experience everything from brain-controlled games to true augmented virtual reality experiences and even cognitive enhancing devices that send mild electrical pulses to your brain to improve concentration during game play, and so much more.

Meet you there?
Contact Kimmo Koponen for more information.


Read Zack’s post about Neurogaming in VentureBeat: Let the NeuroGames Begin 

Zack Lynch is the founder of the NeuroGaming Conference and Expo and is the author of the book, The Neuro Revolution: How Brain Science is Changing Our World.  He is also the founder of the Neurotechnology Industry Organization, and co-founder of NeuroInsights and HealthRally. You can follow him @neurorev.

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