It’s time for some serious gaming – neurogaming

Topics: Health, ICT

Neurogaming expands playing games into a truly serious business by combining cutting edge knowledge in neurosciences, and the gaming industry, resulting in world changing innovations for entertainment, education and healthcare.

Neurogaming uses emotional, cognitive, sensory and behavioral technologies to create radically new experiences for gamers. It integrates a broad array of inputs, including player heart rate, brain waves, pupil dilation, hand and body gestures, and changing emotional state to drive rich game play.  

Technologies used in Neurogaming range from brain computer interface (BCI) to sensory gaming technologies like brain-controlled feedback, gesture and voice control, haptic stimulation; transcranial direct current stimulation, ultrasonic brain stimulation, eye tracking, and brain simulation are being used to track, understand, and boost attention and cognitive performance of players. Products exist already for brain-controlled games and for multi-sensory gaming, but Neurogaming rakes also advantage on technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality.

Neurogaming is much more than creating better games, it’s also creates solutions to enhance human behavior. In addition to gaming industry, the technologies and innovations created in the field of neurotechnology can be implemented in other industries, such as healthcare, education and national defense. There are products developed that for example improve memory performance, shorten reaction times and enhance learning. 


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