Helsinki: pioneer of the skies

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Helsinki Airport is pioneering the integration of its collaborative decision making (CDM) system with the European air traffic regulation system. Finavia – which operates Helsinki Airport – is now supplying more detailed aircraft take-off preparation information between the airport and Eurocontrol, the European air traffic control body. The upshot is more effective use of European airspace.

Helsinki Airport is the first North European airport to adopt the procedure, and the seventh European airport to do so. CDM is a compulsory procedure for all European airports with more than 50,000 flights per year. Essentially, it improves communications between the various operators at the airport and provides closer cooperation between landing and take-off. Its goal is to reduce delays, use resources better and increase efficiency.

Beyond the efficiencies Helsinki’s pioneering approach is bringing, there are obvious environmental benefits. “The average aircraft taxiing time has started to decrease at Helsinki Airport. Lower fuel consumption due to shorter taxiing times will cut the carbon dioxide emissions of aircraft, which will also have a positive effect on local air quality,” says Timo Suorto, CDM Project Manager, Finavia. “Improved predictability means that different operators can plan their operations better.”

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