Groupon Acquires Social Recommendation App

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( – It’s a big day for M&A. The latest of today’s deal announcements is the news that Groupon has acquired, the mobile app for discovering and planning new places to go with friends. Ditto announced its sale in an entry on its company blog. Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

Ditto’s service will eventually be shut down as part of the integration into Groupon, the company said:

    “We can’t reveal what we’ll be working on at Groupon but we are excited to give it 100% – to enable this, we’ll be winding down Ditto. On April 30th we’ll switch off the service and remove the app from Apple’s and Nokia’s stores. We think you’ll love what we and Groupon dream up next.”

The winding down of Ditto also indicates that for Groupon, this may have been mostly about bringing on talented employees through an “acqui-hire.” Hiring good engineers and designers is tough these days, and Groupon has been on a shopping spree of sorts when it comes to mobile and location apps, so this looks like a smart deal all-around.

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