Finnish gaming posts billion euro turnover

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(Good News from Finland) The gaming sector in Finland has recorded another boom year with combined turnover of about one billion euros for 2013.

Game industry organisation, Neogames Finland, estimates that when mergers and acquisitions and investments are taken into account as well, the total amount of money generated was about 2.2 billion euros.

Neogames says the gaming industry is booming in Finland thanks to excellent technological know-how especially in mobile platforms as well as public research and development funding, mainly by the Finnish funding agency, Tekes.

In addition, companies are born global because of the small size of the domestic market and are sufficiently flexible to adapt to change.

Other factors include a strong game developers community and a functional gaming network.

— We are well off and we have all the assets to be global leader at least in mobile, Neogames Finland Director KooPee Hiltunen told Good News from Finland.

— However, it takes continuous efforts and the global competition is fierce.

The Finnish game industry currently consists of more than 200 companies with 125 of them having started up since 2011.

A significant part of the companies develop mobile games but there is development to nearly all existing platforms.

Article originally published in Good News from Finland

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