About us

We make Helsinki the best place for your business!

Helsinki Business Hub, the regional development agency for the Finnish capital region, makes Helsinki the best place in Europe to accelerate business.

We enable foreign companies to establish their businesses and innovation-driven companies to grow and develop in Helsinki.

Turn to us, if you are looking for deal flow from Finland, searching for the best location for your R&D activities, interested in our renowned startup environment, or looking to grow your business in and from Helsinki.

We cooperate with the local community (companies, public sector, universities, research institutions) to ensure the best results for our clients and the region as well as the optimal use of resources. Together we make Helsinki a dynamic world-class center for business and innovation.

Helsinki Business Hub receives its funding from public sources – from the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen as well as the Uusimaa Regional Council.